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Due to load shedding, we sometimes struggle to receive calls via our Landline (it may sound like it is ringing and not being answered). If you experience this problem when trying to reach us on our landline, please then call us on the following cell phone number: 073 130 7679



Are you a service provider?

No, we are not a service provider. We only provide hardware. We do not sell WiFi or conduct installations.


How do I keep my wifi on during load shedding? 

Have a look at our Load Shedding Solutions


How do I boost my network coverage? 

Have a look at our GSM Booster Kits


Do you have boosters for LTE Routers?

Yes, we do! Have a look at our product catalog or contact us and we will gladly help you!


How do I boost my signal? (Home or office)

We can help you improve your data connection/speed by using a router with one of our Ottennas


 May I have a formal quote?

Yes! Chat to us on our Online Chat Screen (bottom right corner of your screen) about the products that you would like a formal quotation for and one of our Sales Reps will be in contact with you.

Alternatively, give us a call on +27 11 791 1033, or on our cellphone (+27 73 130 7679)