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Due to load shedding, we sometimes struggle to receive calls via our Landline (it may sound like it is ringing and not being answered). If you experience this problem when trying to reach us on our landline, please then call us on the following cell phone number: 073 130 7679


Reliable high gain in-house antennas

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home connectivity

Routers & Mesh WiFi systems for enhanced connectivity

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Load shedding solutions

Easy to install mini DC UPS and a full kit

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3G, 4G and 5G Industrial routers

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4G Modules

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Crypto Mining

Helium/LoRa gateways and kits

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Showcasing our GSM Booster!

In this short 5 minute video we showcase our GSM Booster / Repeater and explain the difference between the 2 options. We also explain the difference between a RF Splitter and an RF Coupler.