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Wireless deployments in new and remote locations with these WLink Industrial Routers

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ATM deployment in new and remote areas with these WLink Industrial Routers.

CASE STUDY: Wlinks' WL-R320, WL-R520LFX-DM and WL-R522 routers.

Traditionally, automated teller machine (ATM) transactions have been transferred via fixed-line connection. One of the challenges of fixed-line is that it is difficult and inconvenient to install and setup in some locations such as shopping malls and more remote areas, and makes placement and relocation expensive and time consuming. To eliminate this problem, WLINK has provided a cost-effective and time-saving method to deploy ATMs in new and remote locations, wirelessly.

With  the WL-R320, WL-R520LFX-DM and the WL-R522 routers, transactions are processed with an industrial standard encryption over mobile cellular networks for fast and easy installation, operation and relocation. The WLINK router can access the bank center network based on the band’s existing IP infrastructure, and secure a remote data transmission wirelessly without changing the existing bank network infrastructure.

By adding a WLINK router to the existing structure, retail banks and financial institutions can improve efficiency with router failover, hastening speed to market and better serving their customers.

A few benefits of using these industrial routers

• Offers reliable and secure high speed connection on cellular network

•Enables fast and easy ATM installation, operation and relocation

• Re-connect automatically to ensure continual communication.

• Data availability within seconds

• Robust design for auto-reboot and auto-recovery to ensure the stable and reliable connection.

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