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MOBI-CLAW911 Mobile Panic Device info

The MOBI-CLAW911 Mobile Panic Device is your solution to any medical, criminal or fire emergency you may encounter across South Africa. At the touch of a button you are connected to their experienced control room personnel who can not only listen in to your emergency on the device but can even have a two way conversation with you via the device.
When an alert is triggered the device sends the control room a distress signal that includes your identity and location and your emergency profile is immediately available to the control room personnel.
MOBI-CLAW911 are the leaders in Emergency Service Management with their large network of first responders which includes SAPS, metro police, paramedics, fire services, volunteer services and even your own armed response and vehicle tracking company. MOBI-CLAW911’s Premium Ambulance Plan is included in the service and is partnered with ER24 and their accredited affiliates across the country.
With MOBI-CLAW911 the right help is available 24/7 365 via their unique MC911 Cyber Control™.
Please click here for comprehensive details and pricing of their service, and to order your panic device. 
The service is subject to a monthly subscription of R80