R 320.99

TL-PBB6000 • 6000mAh Power Bank TL-PBB6000

Slimmer than your palm and as big as a credit card, TL-PBB6000 designs to fit comfortably in your hand, neatly in your pocket or unnoticed in your bag. High speed Charge - Boosts up the charging speed up to 5V/2.4A, making TL-PBB6000 a ultra fast charge power bank that can charge 65% faster and save up to 40% charging time. Fully charging iPhone 6s Plus takes 150mins with TP-LINK Smart Charging, while it takes 250mins with an original Apple charger.*

TL-PBB6000 also supports 5V/2.4A ultra fast recharging speed. It takes only 2.5 hours to recover from 0% to full capacity while it needs 4.5 hours for other 6000mAh power banks supporting 5V/1A only.*

*5V/2.4A power source is required, and exact recharging time may vary subject to actual situation

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