R 12,899.00

OWS-Lora-Kit • Lora starter kit - Save R1845.00!!!

A complete LoraWan starter kit to enable an easy start to setting up a Lora network.

Save a MASSIVE R1845.00 on the parts when ordering this kit.

 Our Lora starter kit comprises of a Lorix One LoraWan Gateway, a Mipot LoraWan module development kit, and a W-Link 4G LTE router to connect to a server.

Complete instructions on how to set up a connection to either a public or the customers own server are available

Kit includes:

LOIP65OUTEU868 Lora gateway

33000159 Mipot LoraWan development kit

WLR100LF W-Link LTE/4G router (3G version available on request)

Normal price for these parts. Special starter kit price.