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Night time landings are possible during load shedding

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Otto Wireless Solutions can supply solar/battery powered runway lights that are totally independent of any external power source. The lights are visible from 3000m away and have a light sensitive switch and turn on automatically in low visibility or as the light fades, and off again when there is sufficient light.

The lights are available in a variety of colours (Green for approach, white for runway lights, red for end lights and blue for taxiway lights.)  The Red and green lights have a 120 degree visibility arc to ensure that they can only be seen from the correct side.

The lights use high intensity LED’s and are visible from a minimum of 3000 meters away in low visibility conditions.

The long life battery will ensure the light operates for up to 12 days at 12 hours a day if fully charged. The LED has a life span of over 80000 hours and the battery life is approx. 4 years. The battery can be easily changed when required.

Each lamp is a stand alone unit and is independent of any other lights.

Installation is very quick and simple. No trenches need to be dug and no cables are required. So there is no danger of underground joints failing or cables being damaged by moles or any other burrowing pests.

These are perfect for any airfield that requires runway lighting and does not have their own power supply to overcome loadshedding.

The installation at the licensed Cape St Francis Airfield was completed in under 2 days and has been in use for a few years now. 

For more product details, contact Otto Wireless Solutions. Email wireless@otto.co.za or call +27 11 791 1033

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